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All things furry... T H E  H O U S E  O F  M A M M A L S

Cows have many chambers to their stomachs and a long digestive system because of their diet.  Based on this information, what type of consumer are they?

H O U S E   O F   R E P T I L E S

This lizard has an obvious adaptation that it uses as an anti-predator tactic.  What do we call this?

All things scaly...
All things slimy... H O U S E   O F   A M P H I B I A N S

Agalychnis calidryas has huge eyes that sink into its skull when sleeping.  When are these eyes open and how are they adapted for this activity budget?

H O U S E   O F   B I  R D S

Rhamphastos sulfuratus is a frugivore that lives in what major biome?

All things feathery...
All things buggy... Z O O   G A R D E N

This very social organism is poikilothermic so, every morning, what must every member of the hive do in order to maintain a warm body temperature?

Z O O   A Q U A R I U M

Due to the fact that seahorses have a very rigid exoskeleton, they cannot locomote like most fish.  What type of locomotion is NOT in their ethogram but is in most other fish?

All things wet...

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