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Speaking Schedule

Interested in having Dr. Crean speak at your event?  Please contact him at:

 jcrean@lths.net or jcrean@sxu.edu

2019 (Additional dates being added, so check back!)
January 12-13 Knoxville, TN U of T College of Veterinary Medicine Conference
January 25-26 Houston, TX National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation
February 14-16 Columbus, GA GSTA Conference
March 1 Brookfield, I Chicago Zoological Society/Life Science Institute
March 6-7 Tinley Park, IL Connections Conference
March 7-9 Madison, WI WSST Conference
March 14-15 Dickinson, ND Dickinson State University/NDSTA Conference
March 30 Santa Rose, CA Safari West Animal Park
April 5-6 Brookfield, IL Chicago Zoological Society Assessment Workshop
April 11-13 Saint Louis, MO National Science Teachers Conference
April 14 Saint Louis, MO Gateway Parrot Society
April 22 Online Next Gen Science Storylining Webinar
June 8-9 Long Island, NY Collaborating 4 Avian Wellness Seminar
July 8-11 Chevy Chase, MD Howard Hughes Medical Institute Conference
July 15-19 Brookfield, IL Chicago Zoological Society
August 8-11 Orlando, FL American Federation of Aviculture Annual Conference
Oct. 18-19 Peoria, IL Illinois Science Teachers Conference
Nov. 14-15 Chicago, IL National Association of Biology Teachers Conference
Nov. 16 St. Charles, IL Collaborating 4 Avian Wellness seminar at the National Bird Show
January 13-15 New York, NY College Board Science Development
January 26-27 Houston, TX Houston Parrot Festival
February 23-24 Brookfield, IL Next Gen Science Workshop @ Brookfield Zoo
March 2 Brookfield, IL Life Science Institute @ Brookfield Zoo
March 4 Springfield, IL Illinois Bird Fanciers
March 15-18 Atlanta, GA National Science Teachers Conference
March 23-24 Brookfield, IL Next Gen Science Workshop @ Brookfield Zoo
March 28 Culver City, CA West Los Angeles Bird Society
April 6-7 Brookfield, IL Next Gen Science Workshop @ Brookfield Zoo
April 20-22 Auckland, New Zealand Parrot Society of New Zealand
May 5-6 Asheville, NC Phoenix Landing Wellness Retreat
May 12 Easton, PA Lehigh Valley Bird Expo
June 14-15 San Diego, CA MindFueled Conference
June 16-17 Arlington Heights, IL Parrot Stars Grand Opening Workshops
June 18-21 Brookfield, IL Chicage Zoological Society Storylining Workshop
July 20-21 Little Rock, AR National Science Teachers Congress
July 22-28 Chevy Chase, MD Conference on Biological Regulations, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
August 5 Springfield, IL Illini Bird Fanciers
August 16-19  San Antonio, TX American Federation of Aviculture Annual Conference
September 14 Glenview, IL Storylining Workshop
September 16 Bellbrook, OH Sugar Creek Bird event
October 8 Cheyenne, WY Storylining Workshop
October 19 Tinley Park, IL ISTA Conference
October 26 Glenview, IL North Shore Ecosystem Working Group
November Troy, MI Next Gen Science Workshop
Nov. 8-11 San Diego, CA National Biology Teachers Conference
Nov. 10 San Diego, CA Avian Rehabilitation Center Nutrition Workshop
Dec. 7-8 Brookfield, IL Chicago Zoological Society Assessment Training